Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Blue Tape Math

What is Blue Tape Math?  

Simply put, it is having your students use blue masking tape to represent math on the wall, floor desk or windows.  

Why use Blue Tape in Math?

MATH:  Students are using ratios, scale models, fractions, decimals and graphs ALL THE TIME.  Blue masking tape also 'slows' the math down a little bit so all can jump in and be engaged.
MOVEMENT:  Students are moving while learning which helps our kinesthetic learners.
MEASURING:  Students are using rulers, protractors, tape measures.
AND NO MESS with painters masking tape.  It comes right off of walls, glass, desks and floors.

Math Skills

Scale Models
Measuring an angle
Measuring a side length
Fractions (While measuring distances)

Where can students create their shapes?

Walls, Windows, Floors or on the Desks.

Ideas for when to use blue tape

Create a figure with a specified area.
Create a regular hexagon or pentagon.
Create parallel lines, or parallel lines by using a traversal
Create a parabola from a quadratic function.
Create a kite.
Create a triangle with Blue Tape.  Find the area of this triangle in multiple ways.
Create a shape (triangle, quadrilateral, etc. ) .  Create a different shape with the same area or perimeter.
Create a circle using blue tape.  Now guess how many diameters will be needed to make the circle?  Test your guess by creating diameters to go all the way around the circle.
Quadratic expressions and equations.  Click to get to the activity we did in class.

This project students created their own non-right triangle and then found the area of it using 3 different formulas.  #precalculus 

This group had a "random triangle that turned out to be an equilateral triangle.  They called the PERFECT triangle.  They were proud.

In this project students are making shapes to understand quadratics. This was in Algebra 1.  A colleague @rachelfruin and I wrote this  if you are interested, here is the progression.   

Try Blue Tape Math with your colleagues in the office.  We did.  It was a great experience.  @rachelfruin  @smiller229 and @mthor_  all have been working on blue tape math together.  The best way to describe what happens when you are using blue tape to get at a solution is that the process is 'slowed down'.  It helps everyone collaborate together at the same pace.  Try it in your office, and then try it in your classroom.  

Take the Blue Tape Math Challenge 

Find one or two colleagues that are up for an adventure, and create a regular pentagon with only a ruler, protractor, and some blue masking tape.  You can create the regular pentagon on the floor, desk or wall.  At the end of your creation reflect on the things you needed to accomplish the task.  Then discuss how you might use blue tape math in your class.  If you have time, let us know what you think @rachelfruin  @smiller229 and @mthor_ @dsladkey

A Word of Caution.  

Your lesson is going to take a lot longer.  This was something that was frustrating at first, but I realized that sometimes when a problem takes longer, the students understand it more thoroughly.   Another word of caution is that I always measure the figure on the INSIDE.  It has much crisper lines.  Also, I have my students use 1/4  inch blue tape.  See below.


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Ups and Downs of Blended Learning

I feel like a first year teacher again.  Do you remember that?  The roller coaster you were on emotionally?  Well welcome to my world this semester.  I have taken the Blended Learning Plunge. See my first post about blended learning here.   I have my students for "In Class" days 3 times a week.  Then for two days a week they have "Independent Days".  These are days in which they do not have to attend class unless they have a grade below a 70%.

The Ups
The independent days have been spectacular.  There has been some "ah hah" moments for my students that could never have happened in a traditional setting.  Let me share a story.  I gave a visual pattern assignment to my class on an "Independent Day".  (this is where only a few of students are in my class)   So I only had a handful of students doing this problem in class.

We actually followed Michael Fenton's steps through this visual pattern with a piece of typing paper.  Click here to check that out.  So a student and I were working on a problem together.  Although she is very slow at processing arithmetic, she is very good at seeing patterns and growth of patterns.  For this problem we progressed by giving steps 1, 2 and 3.  (see picture)
Then she was asked to draw step 4.  No problem.
Then she was asked to draw step 10 with relative ease.
Then I asked her to tell me about step x.  (This was the key moment I had been waiting for.)
She said do you mean step 11.
I said no, step x.
She said I don't know what you mean by step x.
This girl has taken 8th grade algebra, Intro to Algebra and now Algebra 1.   Now she was finally able to ask  about what x means.  It was a breakthrough. We continued to work together.   She put together the expression that represented the xth step.  Yes it took a while, but that was an amazing day of teaching.  I felt like it was a day that I live for when a student "gets" it.  A student finally figuring out what x is in an algebra class. Thank you Fawn Nguyen for visual patterns and Micheal Fenton for a format to teach visual patterns.

Here is another girl explaining the problem.  She did her work OUT of class on her own.  This is amazing work on Independent Day.

The Downs
So not all things can work perfectly.  That is certainly the case for me.  I had two students email me this past week with frustrations about the Blended Learning process.  They don't feel like they are getting enough practice.  These are strong students too.  I need to listen to them and try to improve the way that we are doing things.    
Planning:  Am I giving the students enough resources?  Am I providing the structure for the students working outside of class?  I'm not very confident right now.
Getting Enough Math?  I continue to struggle with the idea that the students are not getting enough math.  I don't see it happening (because they are not in my sight two days a week) so it is not as easy for me.  The balance is trying to give enough resources for students who are out of class and also make them appropriate for where their learning is.  If it is too tough, they can't complete it.  If it is too easy, then they tend not to do it.  We must keep our ideas and our routines fluid to see if we can improve them.  I certainly do. 

Since we are always learning we must always refine our teaching.  That is certainly what I'm doing now.  I am trying to provide the right balance of digital resources and practice.   I'm now working on a document for the chapter that we are working on.  I wouldn't call my document a Hyper-Doc.  However it is similar.  Below is the document I'm working on right now for the chapter we are in. Note:  this document  Always learning.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feedback with a WORD

Feedback is important.  Here is an idea to try to get some more feedback to our students.  Give them a WORD that represents them.  Give them a WORD for them.  No other student in the class has that word.  That means no repeats in that particular class.  (I have 4 classes so I used some words repeatedly in different classes)

Students like this kind of feedback is that it is personal.   It is a way that they stand out to me and most students like that feeling of being special.  The second reason that students like this kind of feedback is that it is concise.  It is easy to remember a word.

I was scared to try this at first.  I wondered if the students would not care or think it was silly.  However, I have received a lot of feedback from students saying they really liked hearing something directly about them from me.  It is funny that I'm getting feedback on the feedback I gave.

All the words that I'm handing out are Growth Mindset words or phrases.  Here is a list   http://tinyurl.com/growthmindsetwords They are also at the bottom of this post.

Give your students a gift today.  Give them a WORD!

What do you think?  Do you have any Words or Phrases to add to the list?